Kolkata Centre

Bhaktivedanta Research Centre
110A Motilal Nehru Rd.
Kolkata 700029
WB India
Phone: +91 33 40656198
Help with directions:
Landmark – Shishumangal Hospital
Go down Lansdown Place opposite Shishumangal hospital on Sarat Bose Rd; Take last right immediately after MDDC medical center.

Dean Academic Affairs
Dr. Sumanta Rudra
+91 982 002 0505

Dean Administration
Anurag Pareek
+91 877 907 1763


In the same building as the Bhaktivedanta Research Centre library, the Gita Bhavan Guest House provides clean, comfortable accommodations for visiting scholars, students and guests.

The rooms have attached bathrooms, air conditioning, and broadband Wifi connection.

Please book the rooms in advance in advance

For inquiries or to book a room please contact
E-mail: guesthouse@brckolkata.com
Phone: +91 907 375 8181